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ART CLASS - Resin Geode

ART CLASS - Resin Geode

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If colors, CRYSTALS and sparkle are your thing, you are going to LOVE this!
Join Wendy in this immersive class as she guides you through a step-by-step journey in crafting your own stunning geode art piece. Discover the magic of resin geodes, perfect for those who adore vibrant colors and shimmering effects. Using decorative fillers and resin, replicate the beauty of natural rock formations. Unleash your creativity by customizing your resin geodes with a variety of color palettes and luxurious embellishments like metallic paint or glitter for a truly exquisite finish.

This class takes place over 2 days.
12"x12" birch wood frame panel including hanging bracket
Meyspring mica powders, REAL Crystals, acrylic gems, glass and glitter all included.

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